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Our Mission

At a time when 90% of applications are free, developers are turning to advertising to build a sustainable business. At Fyber, we believe in the power of free apps. And we believe in advertising as a means for app developers to monetize the free content they create.

We strongly believe that advertising does not have to be annoying for users, nor time-consuming for app developers using it as a means for sustainable monetization. That’s why we’ve set out to make mobile advertising smarter.

Our Approach

A great team

Exceptional solutions are created by exceptional people. We focus on hiring outstanding individuals from across the globe. We look for thought leaders that are truly passionate about what they do - people who see the big picture as well as the immediate steps they can take to reach it. We hire people who hit the ground running and are not afraid get things done. We love to win, and we value honesty above all else as a way to learn and stay on track with our goals.

Strong products & technology

We build products that are flexible and truly empower app developers to execute their own advertising strategies. Our decisions are based on our vision and the feedback of our partners. We love technology and use it to solve the big problems that come with big data and big traffic, like sustaining millions of requests per minute. Many of our partners build businesses using our platform, so creating a rock-solid system is of the utmost importance.

Long-lasting partnerships

Our own success is tightly linked to the success of the companies we work with. That’s why we believe in building deep and long-lasting relationships with partners and clients. Relationships that, in our fast-paced industry, will often outlive product lifecycles. We’ve committed ourselves to understanding our partners’ goals and to creating solutions that will allow them to grow their businesses not only now, but also in the future.

Meet the team



Our platform facilitates the delivery of billions of ads between thousands of advertisers and app developers every month. We make sure the underlying financial transactions run as smoothly as the technology enabling them. We build the structure on which our business and team can achieve international growth, focusing on everything from relationships with tax authorities and internal/external reporting, to managing payroll and expense reports.


Product Management

We build products that change the way mobile advertising works. Everyone on the product team becomes the CEO for part of our platform, driving product strategy, roadmap and execution. Team members are deeply involved with both Fyber’s business teams and the partners using our products; we work closely with them to drive innovation at the intersection of mobile applications and digital advertising. Product managers speak with engineers on a daily basis, from incubating the initial idea to rolling out the new feature.


Ad Marketplace

We power the Fyber Ad Marketplace. Our mission is to connect our publishers to partners that can drive demand for their mobile audiences. We work closely with ad networks, ad exchanges and demand side platforms to balance supply and demand in our marketplace. We understand the needs of demand side partners in the rapidly evolving mobile advertising ecosystem and pride ourselves on the flexibility and transparency of the marketplace we are creating to drive efficiency in trading mobile ads.


Developer Relations

We build long-lasting relationships with leading app and game developers across the globe, helping them to leverage our platform in order to execute smarter and more sustainable ad monetization strategies. Our core mission is to understand each client’s specific needs and to work closely with them on an ongoing basis to provide solutions. We empower developers at the intersection of two of the world’s fastest-moving industries: mobile applications and digital advertising.


Agency Relations

We work with Fortune 500 brands and media agencies to drive audience interaction on mobile devices. Our video and engagement product allows brands to engage users on a deeper level than most other forms of advertising can achieve. We help our partners leverage the full potential of our product, working closely with them to achieve branding goals through the process of ideation, implementation and execution of each campaign.


Mobile Advertising

Our clients come to us for help acquiring users for mobile apps, driving traffic to mobile sites, or generating leads for their businesses. We build strong and long-lasting relationships with advertisers and app developers to help them leverage our mobile advertising solutions, which include app distribution and direct response campaigns. We strive to understand every campaign’s goals and to provide our partners with solutions that achieve the best possible results.



We believe people are the key to our success. We’re always on the lookout for great talent. Hiring people from across the globe, we’ve built a reputation for how smoothly we transition international employees into the company. That’s only where it starts. We know what it takes to support a team of more than 150 employees from over 30 countries, working in 10 different locations across 3 continents. Our mission is to enhance the experience of joining and working at Fyber, to focus on every employee’s professional development, and to foster our company culture.

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