Bagelcode exceeds D7 ROAS goals by 7X with Fyber's Offer Wall Edge


D7 ROAS goal


Install rate increase


MoM install rate increase


D7 ROAS goal


Install rate increase


MoM install rate increase


Bagelcode focuses on D7 ROAS as its main KPI, followed by Install Rate and Retention. They wished to acquire engaged users who are likely to have a high LTV and would generate sustainable revenue and overall profitability.
The Bagelcode team has experience running Offer Wall campaigns but needed an additional edge in using advanced and new Offer Wall features that require a more detailed setup in order to improve performance and hit their goals.


The Fyber team worked closely with the Bagelcode team, providing optimization recommendations, including a Micro-Bidding strategy to adjust CPIs, participation in Virtual Currency Sales, and switching to Multi-Reward campaigns to attract quality users at scale, in order to hit Bagelcode’s goals and maximize performance:


  • Fyber’s Self-serve campaign management platform is built to ensure spend optimization of bids using the granular Micro-Bidding technology. The Micro-Bidding technology allowed Bagelcode to assign the appropriate bid according to quality of performance per app and country, resulting in maximum access to inventory while driving better ROAS and conversion rates.


  • Bagelcodes also participated in Fyber’s Virtual Currency Sales (“VCS”) – limited-time events aimed at boosting performance. During a VCS a multiplier is applied to the virtual currency exchange rate of apps. The higher in-app reward incentivizes users to engage and complete offers. Bagelcode enjoyed a sharp increase in install rate and spikes in revenue during recent VCSs.


  • Bagelcode’s success shot up even more after trying the Multi Reward offer type following Fyber’s recommendation. The Multi Reward campaigns, in which users can be rewarded for completing multiple actions, allowed Bagelcode to expose more users to deep post-install events and increase engagement and retention rates.


With the Fyber team’s support, Bagelcode exceeded its ROAS, generating a new stream of quality users for their games.

Fyber’s team played an invaluable role in our User Acquisition success. The optimization recommendations from the Fyber team, to use the innovative Micro-Bidding technology, were priceless. We were able to exceed our ROAS goals more than 7X and grow our Install Rate by more than 100%.

Sooyen Jeun

User Acquisition Manager


Cash Billionaire
  • 7x
    D7 ROAS goal

Club Vegas
  • 1.5X
    D7 ROAS goal
  • >100%
    Install rate increase (during the VCS)
  • 50%
    MoM install rate increase
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