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Working with the world’s leading advertisers and app developers, Fyber’s business group offers the chance to grow at the forefront of the ad tech industry. Our international team builds strong and sustaining partnerships with our clients, providing ample opportunity for growth, leadership, and the chance to make your mark in a dynamic and rapidly-changing ecosystem.

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  • Eileen

    Team Lead, Performance

    “I work closely with advertisers on launching and optimizing campaigns that yield the highest eCPMs for our developers’ apps. During my time with Fyber, I have taken on many different job responsibilities, while expanding my industry knowledge and fine-tuning my leadership and client service skills. A huge motivating factor for me is the ability to work alongside fun-loving and intelligent teammates.”

  • Ross

    Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Global

    “My team supports Fyber's mediated demand partners in growing their businesses. We ensure that they have the tools and insights they need to be successful when working with leading developers on our platform. As a global company, Fyber presents many exciting challenges, which makes my job extremely rewarding.”

  • So-Eun

    Team Lead, Monetization & Growth Global

    “At Fyber, I provide consultation on how to optimize the ad revenue channels of our mediation technology in developers’ apps. Growing up in Japan, Korea, Chile, and the US, I appreciate the multicultural aspect of our company and that I get to work with clients from all over the world. Given the range of our clients’ sizes and needs, I’ve learned to solve challenges from multiple angles.”

  • Michael

    Sr. Director, Creative

    “As the Creative Director at Fyber, my team and I focus on developing information architecture solutions to create more cohesive and engaging user experiences. It’s really about telling the story of who we are and what’s under the hood at Fyber – powerful technical capabilities built and supported by extremely intelligent and friendly teammates. It’s a fantastic environment to work in and offers many great opportunities.”

  • Zeta

    Head of APAC, Global Sales

    “I'm responsible for heading up Fyber’s mobile advertising business in the APAC region. I love working with a group of such smart, fun, and passionate people, and am further inspired to see how much our clients love our products! Over the past three years, I’ve grown progressively into the role of a team leader, and genuinely appreciate the opportunity and space that Fyber gave me to grow.”

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