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Rewarded Video

Reward your users for viewing full-screen video ads. Users love this low-friction, high-impact ad format, which can be integrated to seamlessly be part of the user experience. With the right virtual currency reward, Rewarded Videos can support engagement and in-app purchasing behavior.

Offer Wall

Let your users choose which ads to engage with. The opt-in Offer Wall presents your users with a selection of relevant offers, and rewards their actions with virtual in-app currency.


Integrate revenue opportunities into your app’s user flow while apps load, between game levels or menu screens. Full-screen, non-rewarded Interstitials can be added to any app, either as a standalone integration or to complement rewarded ads.


Monetize every app, device, and user with the most universal, lightweight ad format. Fyber monetization experts help you integrate banners seamlessly to access big budgets from leading ad exchanges.