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monetization solution

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Inventory control,
buyer reach

Connect to any demand source and centralize your ad revenues. The Fyber SSP provides app developers mobile monetization solutions, granular inventory controls and the ability to reach any buyer- be it via programmatic, managed and self-serve demand from ad networks, demand-side platforms, or ad exchanges.

Cross-format, cross-platform

One platform covers all your monetization needs across multiple devices. From desktop to mobile, a full suite of ad formats from video, display, mobile to in-app ensures you always maximize fill.

Unified auction

Fill every ad impression with the highest-paying ad, regardless of source. Fyber’s algorithm optimizes yield across our Ad Serving, Exchange, and Mediation, cutting out the need for manual network control. Flexible controls to override automatic settings and to combine with manual customer-specific settings enable creation of custom monetization solutions.

Lightweight mobile SDK

Launch your app faster. Cut down time spent working with multiple SDKs, wrappers, and dashboards. Our user-friendly SDK follows intuitive coding best practices, requires minimal integration resource, and is supported by comprehensive in-depth guides, documentation and technical support.

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