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Reach over half a billion users on any device

Carve out your competitive advantage by connecting to unique audiences from our leading publishers and app developers. Our strong mobile DNA delivers engaging audiences across all devices and verticals–from entertainment, news, gaming, to utilities. Offer your advertisers the flexibility of streamlined programmatic access to high-impact ad formats from display and video to in-app.

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Get access to high-quality users across devices and boost your supply with inventory from around the world. Want a more in-depth relationship with mobile developers? Fyber Open Mediation allows you to set up partnerships with leading app developers, and acts as a technical enabler for direct integrations via SDK bundles.

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Any ad format, any screen

Offer your advertisers maximum flexibility by supporting any branding or performance campaign on all major ad formats from interactive video to display. Our web and mobile programmatic ad formats are IAB-standard compliant (Open RTB 2.3, HTML5, VAST, VPAID 2.0) for streamlined, automated selling on any device.