Fyber for Web

Access premium video buyers and execute a web monetization strategy through a robust and reliable technology platform, focused on video.

Fyber’s platform ensures high quality video demand and top payout for each impression in the web space. We remove demand fragmentation by connecting you to more than 1500 leading DSP partners. Drive revenue by selling video ads across channels that compete for your inventory including RTB, PMP, Deal IDs, automated guaranteed, and direct campaigns.

Premium quality

Premium video demand

Ability to tap into premium demand with high quality video ads

Control and data-driven insights for publishers

Best in-class reporting with 70+ KPIs

Support of the full monetization life cycle

Have a strategic partner on your team to get the most of your monetization strategy

Premium demand

Connect to 150+ leading DSPs across desktop and mobile

  • Flexible campaign options to get the best price for premium inventory via RTB, PMP, deal IDs, automated guaranteed, and direct campaigns
  • All video inventory supported

Engaging ad units

Captivating video ad units that attract premium demand

  • Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll
  • Outstream
  • VPAID & VAST enabled

Control and data-driven insights

Make the most of you monetization strategy with a robust platform 

  • Dynamic and extremely responsive reporting with 40 dimensions and more than 70 KPIs including fraud prevention metrics
  • Advanced business rule setup in the waterfall including your ad serving campaigns
  • Customizable demand to your desired video spot length, advertiser category type, and many more attributes

Professional support

Ensure your supply meets the right demand

  • Professional onboarding process and knowledge center
  • Extensive resource pool that has direct connection to agencies and trading desks to match demand to publishers’ supply

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