Gogii Games sees 18% engagement rate increase with Fyber Offer Wall Edge

Acting on Fyber’s recommendation, Gogii created more placements to access Offer Wall, resulting in a 380% increase in revenue








Gogii’s games are characterized by a sophisticated game economy that lends itself well to both in-app purchases and rewarded ad formats. In an attempt to diversify ad revenue streams in a user-friendly manner, Gogii integrated a competitor’s Offer Wall, and while it was clear that the potential for revenue uplift was there, Gogii’s team was unsatisfied with the results and especially the low engagement rate that they were setting from the Offer Wall.


Fyber team recognized the potential of Gogii’s apps, as they have an ideal economic environment for Offer Wall. Although Gogii had a bad experience with a competing Offer Wall, they trusted Fyber’s experienced team and went live with Fyber Offer Wall Edge with one title.


In order to increase engagement rates, the Fyber team recognized an unideal setup and worked hand in hand with Gogii to design several placements to access the Offer Wall within the app to ensure ideal fit – higher engagement without damaging the user experience. As a result, Gogii created 4 more placements to access Offer Wall in accordance with Fyber’s suggestions: On the IAP page; On the home screen of the game; A new “Offers” tab; A new in-game view (allows users to earn a “second chance”).


In the month following implementation of the 4 new placements:

  • Engagement Rate went from 7.5% to 25%
  • Offer Wall Unique Users increased by 250% 
  • Revenue increased by 380%
  • 466% higher ARPDAU and 50% higher ARPDEU

We were impressed by the 380% revenue increase we achieved with Fyber Offer Wall following the recommendation to implement new placements to access it. We went from Offer Wall skeptics, following a bad experience we had with a competitor, to huge fans.

Chris Simpson


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