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Mobile SSP

Fueling the app economy

Tap into the most powerful monetization solution in the app ecosystem. Unlock your app’s full revenue potential with unified Mediation, Exchange and Ad Serving capabilities. Maximize every impression served with holistic yield optimization, and minimize app store resubmissions with server-side controls that empower you to adjust your monetization strategy on the fly.

Fyber Mediation

One platform, open access

Fyber’s network-agnostic Mediation maximizes fill rate and revenue for your apps by removing barriers to work directly and confidently with any ad network. Mediation conveniently unifies the integration, management, and optimization of ad networks on one platform. Set direct commercial terms with your demand partners, and implement them instantly with server-side controls from a central dashboard. For easy, fast setup, everything you need for integration is delivered in a single bundle.

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Fyber Exchange

More demand to fuel your revenue engine

Enhance your monetization with high quality ad campaigns from global brands and performance advertisers. Make it easier than ever for demand partners to connect with you via programmatic and managed campaigns. With powerful selling capabilities including OpenRTB, PMP, DEAL ID, and more, you can maximize accessibility for your ad inventory through the Fyber Exchange.

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Fyber Ad Serving

Increase retention and sell inventory direct

Cross-promote your entire portfolio with campaigns that increase the lifetime value of users beyond just a single app. Selling your ad inventory directly to premium advertisers? Empower your in-house sales team to take full control. Our ad serving drives real-time competition between direct sold campaigns and any other demand source.

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Publisher tools

Turn insights into revenue

With the right tools and your entire ad revenue stream at a glance, you take full control of your monetization strategy. Activate untapped revenue opportunities in real time with unified reporting that harmonizes key performance indicators across your demand sources. Intuitive server-side tools allow you to optimize your demand and ad delivery on-the-fly, with no coding or app store resubmission required.

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Monetization services

Strategic guidance from
our monetization experts

Learn from the pros. Our global account services team goes beyond technical assistance, providing support to help you quickly resolve issues, and strategic guidance to maximize business impact. With comprehensive analysis, dedication to service, and a relentless focus on optimization, our experts are your partners in revenue growth and user retention.

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Technical support

Fast integration and reliable support

Launch your apps faster with best-in-class service. Our Solution Engineers are on call to provide 24/7 technical support, right from the integration phase. Looking for in-depth documentation on our products, easy-to-follow integration guides, or the latest SDK bundles? Our developer portal has all the info you need to confidently move from setup and testing, to activation and optimization.

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Ad Formats

The right ad units for any app

Innovative ad units designed to look and feel like they are part of your app experience. Choose the format, creative type and pricing model that best suits your monetization strategy, and optimize on the fly. Rewarded and non-rewarded formats give you flexibility to drive revenue, and expands support to your in-app economy.

Rewarded Video

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Offer Wall

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See why Next Games chose Fyber to generate 40% of their revenues with Rewarded Video ads.

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Rewarded Video

Engage your users with what they love

Reward your users for viewing full-screen video ads. Users love this low-friction, high-impact ad format, which can be integrated seamlessly into the user experience. With the right virtual currency reward, Rewarded Videos can support engagement and in-app purchasing behavior.


Maximize the revenue potential of every user

Integrate revenue opportunities into your app’s user flow while apps load, between game levels or menu screens. Full-screen, non-rewarded Interstitials can be added to any app, either as a standalone integration or to complement rewarded ads.

Offer Wall

Make your user’s ad preferences matter

Let your users choose which ads to engage with. The opt-in Offer Wall presents your users with a selection of relevant offers, and rewards their actions with virtual in-app currency.


Monetize universally to maximize revenues

Monetize every app and every user with the most universal, lightweight ad format. Fyber monetization experts help you 
integrate banners seamlessly to access big budgets from 
leading ad exchanges.