Programmatic monetization platform
for video and mobile

App & Game Developers Ad Networks Demand-side Platforms

7,600+ Direct integrations with top mobile app developers

Every premium mediated ad network in one platform

Connecting hundreds of DSPs with premium publisher
ad inventory

Partner success stories

App Monetization

Empowering developers to maximize
revenue and scale

Tap into the most powerful monetization solution in the
app ecosystem and unlock your full revenue potential
with unified Mediation, Exchange and Ad Serving.

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Video SSP

Programmatic monetization for premium
video publishers

Our unified platform powers cross device monetization
with a robust Video SSP and Ad Server. We enable
publishers, broadcasters, and developers to maximize
ad revenue including direct access to 180+ DSPs. The
versatile platform supports RTB, PMP, Deal IDs,
Automated Guaranteed, and Direct campaigns around
the globe.

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User Acquisition

User Acquisition

Drive installs and boost your userbase

Tap into Fyber’s vast publisher network of over half a
billion users to drive app installs and increase
engagement. Smart optimization and unique
integrations that won’t compromise user experience
will help you acquire quality users and fuel ROI. Fyber
is integrated with all leading attribution partners, so
you can feel confident in your results.

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User Acquisition