Drive yield with a unified auction for all demand types

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Fyber Mediation

Work with all premium ad networks from one place

Fyber Exchange

Programmatic power to drive more
revenue from demand sources

Maximize monetization with high quality ads from global brands and make it easy for demand partners to connect with you via programmatic and managed campaigns.

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Connect to demand partners globally with built-in programmatic capabilities

Fyber Ad Serving

Increase retention and sell inventory direct

Run simultaneous campaigns across direct, programmatic, and mediated networks to find the highest bidder and drive maximum revenue. You can also cross-promote other apps from your portfolio to users to increase their lifetime value beyond a single app.

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Publisher tools

Turn insights into revenue

With your entire ad revenue stream at a glance, you’ll take full control of monetization. Activate opportunities in real-time with unified reporting that harmonizes KPIs across your demand sources. Fyber’s intuitive server-side tools let you optimize demand and delivery on-the-fly with no coding or app store resubmissions required.

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Ad network yield optimization

Get the highest paying ads across all mediated demand sources.

Fyber offers a predictive algorithm that helps to project campaign performance based on reporting API data from each ad network, optimizing yield for each impression.

App cross-promotion

Engage your audiences across your portfolio of apps.

User retention is the key to creating a successful business in the app ecosystem. Keep your audience engaged by cross-promoting your entire portfolio of apps. Easily set up impactful cross-promotion campaigns that increase the lifetime value of your users beyond a single app.

Monetization Services

Strategic guidance from
monetization experts

Learn from the pros. Our team goes beyond technical assistance, providing support to help you quickly resolve issues, and strategic guidance to maximize business impact. With comprehensive analysis, dedication to service, and a relentless focus on optimization, our experts are your partners in revenue growth and user retention.

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One SDK and simple integration

Save time working with only one SDK to
monetize your app

Launch your app faster. Cut down time spent working with multiple SDKs, wrappers, and dashboards. Our user-friendly SDK follows intuitive coding best practices, requires minimal integration resource, and is supported by comprehensive in-depth guides, documentation and technical support.

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