The mediation platform built for flexibility. Fyber FairBid gives you the freedom to monetize through a waterfall or unified auction.
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Maximize competition
= Maximize revenue

All major ad networks and DSPs, representing a mix of brand and performance advertisers, have the opportunity to bid on each and every impression, increasing competition and driving higher CPMs.

Real-time committed bids

Facebook Audience Network, TapJoy, AdColony, and over 180 DSPs, compete programmatically in one unified auction; no bias in favor of a specific demand partner.

Case Study:

Melsoft’s Toy Defense 2 sees 30% uplift in ARPDAU with Fyber FairBid after unified auction outperforms the waterfall in a live A/B test.

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Slice and dice, compare and optimize

Get smarter about what your buyers want with data generated from mediation partners, bidding networks and DSPs all in one holistic report with over 40 enriched dimensions and 23 metrics.

Achieve the results you want…

Shift resources from manual waterfall optimization to a programmatic environment that delivers the highest paying ad–every time.

Case Study:

Ad ARPDAU jumps by 20% after Absolute Games goes 100% programmatic with Fyber FairBid.

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Optimize User Experience

Our exclusive partnership with Game of Whales provides publishers with an accurate, holistic view of user-level LTV (IAP+ads), enabling publishers to optimize their monetization and UA activities, acquisition costs, and user experience.

Battle Tested Technology, Ten Years Going Strong

Our programmatic mediation solution is built on the knowledge and assets we’ve acquired by helping developers monetize their apps for the past 10 years:

  • Thousands of successful SDK integrations
  • Billions of impressions monetized programmatically
  • Documentation designed for quick and easy integration

Ready for the evolution of mediation?

Reach out to our team to find the solution that best fits your monetization strategy and needs, including our in-app header bidding and mediation solutions.

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