Azur Interactive Games rides through the early days of iOS14 with Fyber Marketplace

Fyber Marketplace offers more contextual signals for advertisers, delivering for Azur Games as a top contributor for LAT traffic on iOS 14+








Azur Games has a rapid release cycle for their hyper-casual development branch. With the shorter lifetime of hyper-casual games, Azur looks to integrate an ad monetization stack that includes trustworthy, reliable networks to deliver consistent, high quality performance. Within six months of going live with Fyber Marketplace, Fyber earned a permanent place in the Azur Games hyper-casual monetization stack. By Q4 2020 with the release of iOS14, Azur and much of the mobile app industry developing for iOS were uncertain about how performance would change with more players opting out of allowing apps to use information to better serve relevant ads. LAT traffic was on the rise with a big unknown around what this meant for ad monetization reliability.


Fyber Marketplace was already a staple for hyper-casual ad monetization and the team at Azur Games kept a close eye on performance per network as more players updated to iOS14. The wide range of contextual signals available from Fyber Marketplace enables DSPs and advertisers to bid more confidently on LAT traffic even as the share of non-identifiable traffic increases, helping them evaluate the value of each ad impression opportunity. This enables Fyber Marketplace to be a  top performer on LAT traffic, offering solid fill rates and attractive eCPMs across all ad formats.

As the industry moves forward with Apple’s new privacy policies starting on iOS14, we are reassured that Fyber Marketplace has the ability to perform strongly without IDFA. Fyber has proven that they are well prepared for the post-IDFA era, working closely with advertisers to bid with confidence in an increasingly contextual world of advertising. We are excited to see continued growth and competitive performance from Fyber on LAT traffic.

Ilya Zavgorodnev

Monetization Manager, Azur Games


  • 13% share of voice on LAT traffic 
  • Top four performing network for LAT traffic
  • 21% of impressions for LAT traffic delivered by Fyber Marketplace
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