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Direct access to over half a billion users from top-ranking app developers

Fyber powers direct SDK integrations with many of the world’s leading mobile developers, providing unique inventory and valuable users for your mobile user acquisition strategy. We connect directly to valuable mobile audiences across all verticals, including gaming, social, entertainment, news, and utilities.

Campaign types

The right formats to engage your users

Innovative ad units help you acquire, engage and retain the right users. Launch your campaign rapidly with the optimal format and pricing model to deliver on your goals.

See how Social Point’s top-ranked app Monster Legends Android achieved 7-10% ROI

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Mobile Video campaigns

Let engaged users find your app

Immerse your audience with the power of video. Show functionality and gameplay with a full-screen trailer, followed by an optional invitation to download. Mobile Video campaigns generate high quality, non-rewarded users based on interest for your app.

Engagement campaigns

Guide your users to perform an in-app action

Showcase your app and maximize engagement with your new users right from the start. Engagement campaigns guide the user from the Fyber Offer Wall to take a specified action within your app. Increase tutorial completions, account signups, and other key interactions at scale.

Install campaigns

Accelerate your app discovery and installs

Connect with audiences who choose your app on the Fyber Offer Wall. Effectively drive new users to your app and pay only for completed installs.

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Account management services

Expert guidance, every step of the way

Your dedicated Account Manager provides responsive, on-call advice to support you from planning your campaigns to navigating the mobile app ecosystem. We work closely with you to optimize your mobile user acquisition strategy. We select the apps that deliver the most valuable users, and assist in targeting, testing, and optimizing your campaigns according to your specific goals. Our self-service Advertiser Control Panel simplifies optimization and reduces time to market for your user acquisition campaigns.

Performance tracking

Full transparency for your campaigns

Partner with industry leading third party tracking platforms that are secure. Drive your mobile user acquisition strategy with accuracy. We offer full support for analytics and attribution, as well as pixel-to-pixel tracking where available.