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Fyber FairBid

Fyber FairBid is the evolution of traditional mediation. It creates a true state of header bidding in the in-app environment by enabling all types of buyers to compete side-by-side in a flat, fair, and transparent auction. Fyber FairBid brings together programmatic demand from DSPs, direct campaigns, and SDK mediated networks into one, simultaneous auction, letting the highest bid win. Say goodbye to the waterfall.

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Fyber Marketplace

Fyber Marketplace unlocks the true value of your audience and drives programmatic brand demand to your properties. It offers a fully unified command center where you can control your yield and inventory with ease, monetize mobile-first video formats for best-in-class experience, and access data-driven audience segmentation tools to improve your pricing strategy.

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Offer Wall Edge

Offer Wall Edge lets your users choose which ads to engage with. It is an easy-to-integrate, high payout ad format that serves as a key component of an effective monetization strategy. The opt-in Offer Wall Edge presents your users with a selection of relevant offers, and rewards their actions with virtual currency.

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“The impression capping feature is a great addition to Fyber’s tools. We can execute on direct ad network deals without spending in-house engineering resources. It only takes a few clicks to see results instantly.”

Philipp Stelzer



“After testing multiple providers, we believe Fyber is the best choice for mediation. Not only is their technology strong, but their team knows the market and will partner with you to make your title a success.”

Joakim Achrén


Next Games

“Fyber currently leads the charge in Rewarded Video mediation. In a competitive space they seem to have found the right mix of solid, flexible technology and combine it with a team of smart and friendly people.”

Pieter Kooyman



“Publishers need reliable mediation partners with open, agnostic platforms that set them up for success. Fyber is one of those partners, which is why we’re pleased to have them as part of our Native Partner Program.”

Anurag Gulati


Facebook Audience Network

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