Case studies

Unico Studio frees up time to focus on Tricky Stories

Unico Studio integrates Fyber Marketplace across banners, interstitials, and rewarded video, freeing resources to focus on new content while Fyber delivers on performance and service.

Rollic drives growth and efficiency with Fyber Marketplace

Rollic integrates Fyber Marketplace as a default monetization partner for all games across rewarded video, interstitials, and banners

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Coda Platform sees an immediate 5% lift in ARPDAU coming from interstitial video ads

Fyber Marketplace connects app developers with diversified, high-quality programmatic video demand

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Scanner Radio’s revenue from Fyber increases 55.5% with interstitial video

Through interstitial video, Scanner Radio immediately had access to a whole new demand stream.

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Fyber becomes top-tier banner monetization partner for Gram Games

With 85% of banners from brand advertisers, Gram Games tapped into Fyber Marketplace’s diverse, global demand and scale.

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Melsoft sees 30% uplift in ARPDAU with Fyber FairBid

Toy Defense 2 used Fyber FairBid unified auction to outperform the waterfall in a live A/B test.

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Absolute Games goes 100% programmatic with Fyber FairBid

Ad ARPDAU jumps by 20% after Absolute Games goes all in on programmatic.

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Musi Increases in-app eCPM with Fyber

Improved monetization with brands maximizes revenue potential.

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Feelingtouch generates 20% more revenue with Fyber

Feelingtouch finds rewarded video and offer wall the perfect combination for successful monetization.

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Verizon Media Group scales its VPAID mobile app video ad campaigns and reaches new heights in viewability

With the introduction of Fyber’s scalable VPAID mobile app solution, video ad campaigns started to run safely and smoothly in the mobile environment.

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Rewarded video drives international revenue for publisher

Melsoft Games worked with Fyber’s expert monetization and growth team to choose the optimal times in gameplay to integrate Rewarded Video.

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2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization

Go inside the minds of other app developers and marketers in our inaugural 2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization survey.

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Charting in-app advertising: A survey of brands & agencies

We surveyed both brands and media agencies to get a pulse on what they think about advertising in-app and in mobile games.

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Beginner’s guide: From in-app header bidding to unified auctions

We explain the underpinnings of in-app advertising’s shift from the sequential waterfall model to a parallel, unified auction.

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The state of header bidding has come to mobile apps, what does it mean for publishers?

In this webinar, we explain the genetic underpinnings of mobile advertising’s evolutionary transformation to the unified auction.

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7 tips for how app publishers can make more money this holiday season

In this webinar, we’ll present easy-to-implement tips on how publishers can make more money during the holiday season.

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In-app header bidding, ce que cela signifie pour les éditeurs

Dans ce webinar, nous allons parler de l'évolution d'une cascade traditionnelle (waterfall) à une enchère unifiée et l'avantage de cette structure pour les développeurs d'applications.

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How to win at in-app advertising: Best practices for programmatic buyers

See critical in-app industry stats to drive your business forward with highly targeted ads that get more clicks and conversions.


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