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Connect with every buyer in the market

Automate the monetization of your publisher partners’ apps and media properties across every device. Maximize the value of your ad inventory by connecting you and your publisher partners to demand sources on a global scale–including ad exchanges, ad networks, and all major global Demand-Side Platforms. With cross-format SSP capabilities that include video, display, and mobile ads, you’re empowered to monetize across all your audiences.

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Fyber Ad Server

Make your publishers feel right at home

Deliver a great user experience for your publisher partners, every step of the way. Customize the look and feel of our Fyber Ad Server with white-labeling and flexible reporting. Extensive self-serve capabilities make it easy to automate packaging and sales of your managed inventory. The unique combination of our Supply-Side Platform and Ad Server enables programmatic and direct sold campaigns to run in parallel, and each impression is given to the highest bidder across all demand sources. This dynamic allocation maximizes yield and guarantees the best available price for your inventory.

Programmatic capabilities

The evolution of automated selling

Manage relationships with your demand partners on-the-fly and automate your media selling process with leading web and mobile programmatic technology. Easily set up private marketplaces (PMPs) to streamline premium inventory buys from select demand partners. Sell exclusive placement opportunities via Deal ID, or combine reserved selling with our OpenRTB 2.3 compliant open marketplace. With a highly customizable platform, you make programmatic selling personal.

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Ad formats

Any ad format, any screen

From interactive video to display, leverage the right ad formats to get the most out of your audience across any device. A central dashboard lets you easily manage, streamline and automate. All programmatic ad formats are IAB-standard compliant (Open RTB 2.3, HTML5, VAST, VPAID 2.0).